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Polina Kvasnitskaya

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As a designer I love to see the results of my work as a visual outcome, shaping the entire impression that a company can give their audience. With experience in design studios, communication agencies, and tech startups across several countries, I enjoy working with diverse teams on all kinds of marketing, branding, and UX/UI projects.


  • Udemy
  • Бюро Горбунова
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Высшее образование

Основная специальность: Digital
Кол-во лет в основной специальности: 3 года
Общий опыт в дизайне: 5 лет

Работал(а) в компаниях:

  • Дизайнер-фрилансер на upwork

    UX/UI and marketing designer

    - Delivered full client service from first request to final approval

    - Collaborated with international clients (Israel, the UK, France, the USA, Australia, etc.)

    - Created marketing materials for clients in various
    industries (tech startups, marketing agencies, beauty industry, instagram bloggers/influencers,etc.)

    - Improved and redesigned the UI for online education platform

    - Collaborated with different departments within company to create materials for their design needs (HR, Marketing, Sales, etc.)

    - Upgraded professional skills and knowledge with several online courses

  • Zencity

    Marketing designer 2019—2020

    - Initiated UX assessment of a variety of landing pages Updated UI design for several website pages

    - Utilized analytics tools (Google Analytics and Hotjar) to assess design effectiveness

    - Collaborated directly to CEO to create C-level presentations for investors and partners

    - Created new ideas from scratch and executed them

    - Produced marketing materials as a single team member after the departure of Lead Product Designer

    - Used time-management tools like Asana and Trello to coordinate project timelines

    - Designed swag, banners for paid campaigns, SMM banners, all print materials (brochures, onepagers, business cards, conference printables, rollups, etc.)

  • Дизайн-студия "Алалай"

    Junior Graphic Designer 2017—2018

    - Researched brand messaging and goals to create accurate high converting assets

    - Consulted clients on best design options and adjusted quickly according their feedback

    - Demonstrated fast professional growth and acquisition of knowledge

Английский язык

C1 (продвинутый)

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