Iaroslav Gudkov

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Iaroslav Gudkov 24 года

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Пару слов о себе:

As a UX/UI designer with 4 years of experience, I specialize in creating intuitive digital experiences that engage users and achieve business goals through user-centered design. I take a proactive and initiative-based approach in my work.


  • Wireframing and prototyping
  • User research and usability testing
  • Design thinking and problem-solving
  • Information architecture and navigation design
  • Design systems and pattern libraries
  • Agile methodology and project management
  • User-centered design principles and techniques
  • Collaboration and communication skills
  • Mobile and responsive design
  • Accessibility and inclusivity design
  • Data analysis and metrics tracking.
  • HIG & Material Design


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Высшее образование

Основная специальность: UX/UI
Кол-во лет в основной специальности: 1 год
Общий опыт в дизайне: 4 года

Работал(а) в компаниях:

  • МТС

    Product designer August 2022—April 2023

    Work is being done on the internal product of the company in a large team using the agile method. My responsibilities include:

    • Creating high-quality designs, from wireframes to final products, using design tools such as Figma;
    • Conduct user research and analysis to identify behavior patterns and needs by interviews, moderated tests and card sorting;
    • Produce prototypes in Figma to test functionality;
    • Conducting user research and using it to inform design decisions;
    • Optimize business metrics through UX solutions, such as A/B testing and analytics;
    • Communicate and defend design solutions to stakeholders, including customers and team members;
    • Conduct design reviews at all stages of the product lifecycle, including development, testing, and implementation;
    • Contributing to and maintaining design systems.

    My achievement:

    • Successfully conducted user interviews and created a Customer Journey Map, resulting in the identification of key features that simplified product usage and increased productivity;
    • Improved the overall design of the product by conducting a design review and aligning the layout and components, resulting in a cleaner and more intuitive user interface;
    • Took initiative to address design inconsistencies and ensure consistency across product components, resulting in an improved user experience.

Английский язык

B2 (выше среднего)

Обновил(а) портфолио 27 апреля 2023

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  • Удаленка (full-time)
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  • Релокейт
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