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Social Discovery Group ищет 3D Generalist Middle (Virtual Gifts)
17 май

Social Discovery Group ищет 3D Generalist Middle (Virtual Gifts)

Social Discovery Group
Компания: Social Discovery Group
Тестовое задание: Без теста
Кто ищет:HR
Портфолио обязательно: Да
Зарплата: не указана
Уровень дизайнера: Middle
Social Discovery Group is the world's largest group of social discovery companies which unites more than 50 brands, an investment fund and a venture studio. For more than 20 years we have been creating premium international dating services and in our SDG Lab we develop and test new products with a focus on video streaming, AI technologies, entertainment, and game mechanics.

Our products are already used by more than 500 million users in 150 countries around the world. We create the #1 company in the new social life. Our international team of more than 900 professionals and digital nomads works all over the world. Our international team of like-minded people and professionals solves ambitious tasks every day and creates truly global products. We value focusing on results, and a proactive approach, and we are always for new and unconventional ideas. Currently, we are looking for a middle 3D Generalist to work on our product Virtual Gifts.

Что будет делать дизайнер? (обязанности)

You are going to be responsible for full-pipline of Creating:
  • High Quality Virtual 3D Gifts
  • Hardsurface Models/Assets
  • 3D Characters
  • High Quality animations.

Скиллы дизайнера (требования)

An ideal candidate will have:
  • 3+ years in 3D design;
  • in-depth expertise of 3D software (Cinema4D+Redshift preferred) and secondary software like Zbrush, Substance 3D Painter etc;
  • strong modelling, rigging, skinning and texturing skills with a keen eye for detail;
  • strong sense of "Clean topology" to push Models/Assets/Character quality to its fullest potential. Полигональная сетка, которая позволяет анимировать;
  • strong portfolio of Modelling and Animations;
  • proficient in offline and real-time rendering (Redshift and Unreal Engine);
  • expert in After Effects and RedGiant tools;
  • comfort working from concept and without;
  • fluent Russian and intermediate English;
  • location out of Russia & Belarus

Nice to have:
  • Grooming
  • After Effects 2D Animation (Shapes/Flat Image), Adobe Photoshop
  • Experience or readiness to use AI tools (like Stable Diffusion, Midjourney and others) to increase your work


What we offer:
  • Competitive salary;
  • Loyalty bonuses, referral bonuses, bonuses for extraordinary achievements;
  • Health benefits (either Corporate Medical Insurance or compensation for the paychecks, depends on the location);
  • 7 additional sick days a year (days off), which can be used to deal with domestic issues, to take a rest and recover without taking sick leave;
  • Access to a wide range of personal training and development programs;
  • Library of technical and business literature, lectures on Art&Technology and healthy lifestyle;
  • Internal gamified gratitude system: bonuses fr om colleagues which you may exchange them for day off, merch, team building activities, massage certificates, etc;
  • Children’s education reimbursement. 50% compensation for the costs of kindergarten or school, up to $1000 gross per year per a child according to the paychecks.
  • Workplace organization (in the locations wh ere we don't have offices or co-workings there's compensation for your workplace up to $ 1000 gross once every 3 years according to the paychecks -- rent of the co-working room, equipping the working place at home (desk, chair, Internet, etc.)
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