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seventech GmbH ищет UI/UX-дизайнера на моб
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seventech GmbH ищет UI/UX-дизайнера на моб

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seventech GmbH
Компания: seventech GmbH
Тестовое задание: Без теста
Кто ищет:CEO
Портфолио обязательно: Да
Зарплата: не указана
Уровень дизайнера: Middle
Our goal is to develop personalised high-quality digital products, such as mobile apps, in which we put the most innovative technologies, and the most up-to-date design and approach the development with a soul.

Unlike many other IT companies that aim to expand and develop products like an assembly line, we aim to focus on quality and individual approach and have several strong and experienced members, who share knowledge and experience, and support each other.

Что будет делать дизайнер? (обязанности)

You will take full responsibility for building top-notch products with attention to details. Collaborate closely with a multi-disciplinary team and different stakeholders, establish your own design processes and interact with other roles.
  • Design native pixel-perfect mobile applications for iOS and Android
  • Communicate directly with the development team to achieve native user experience
  • Do user research and customer feedback using modern research methodologies and techniques to collect ad-hoc data as needed to improve existing design concepts
  • Focus on a small number of different customer apps to achieve high quality

Скиллы дизайнера (требования)

Since we rely on high quality and innovative approach, we expect a sufficient amount of experience from you in this direction.
  • Experience in UI/UX design for mobile applications
  • High level of motivation and ability to adapt to change
  • You are familiar with Apple and Android design guidelines
  • You used apple and android phones and you can see the positive and negative aspects of both platforms
  • Ability to see the smallest details in design and create pixel-perfect interfaces
  • Great English communication skills, interpersonal, and analytical skills, including the ability to present design concepts clearly and persuasively to colleagues, partners, stakeholders
  • You are not afraid and can express criticism and accept it


  • Small experienced motivated startup team atmosphere
  • Focus on quality products without haste
  • A competitive salary within the startup industry
  • Team events in Munich
  • Flexible working hours
  • Possibility to work remotely
  • 28 vacation days and your local public holidays
  • Possibility to relocate to Germany after 6 months
We want to fall back on a quote from Steve Jobs: “It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do. We hire smart people so they can tell us what to do”. In this context, we would be happy to learn from and see our products working.
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