Работа дизайнером на релокации
Бизнес Бутик ищет дизайнера
BrainRocket ищет продуктового арт-директора на Кипр
BrainRocket ищет продуктового дизайнера на Кипр
24 янв
Офис, Релокация (Лимассол (Кипр))
Вакансия в архиве

BrainRocket ищет продуктового дизайнера на Кипр

Откликов 15+
Компания: BrainRocket
Тестовое задание: Без теста
Кто ищет:Design Director
Портфолио обязательно: Да
Зарплата: не указана
Уровень дизайнера: Middle
Hi there, my name is Sergey. I'm a Design Director. Looking for a dozen Senior and Middle product designers able to work with entertainment web products using well-prepared UX layouts and modern artwork.

Что будет делать дизайнер? (обязанности)

  • Create plenty of good-looking and practical UI for entertainment projects.
  • Dive into working with multiple brands instead of sticking to one for ages. Plus, get ready to see the quick payoff of your designs!
  • Improve and polish up current design stuff and libraries.
  • Say no to dull, basic interfaces. We want detailed, custom solutions.
  • Work together with the artist crew, graphic designers, and developers.

Скиллы дизайнера (требования)

  • Rocking 3+ years in UI/UX Product Design.
  • Figma is your playground: you've got components, layouts, and libraries down pat.
  • A solid track record in web design? That's what we're talking about!
  • Understanding UI/UX, responsive design, Mobile-first, and Design Thinking? Yes, please!
  • Self-organized, responsible, and ace at estimating tasks.
  • A multitasking hero, handling multiple projects with ease.
  • HTML and CSS? You know how they tick.
  • Experience in bringing websites to life with animated elements and interactive features.
  • Proud owner of an impressive UI/UX portfolio.


  • Learning and development opportunities and interesting challenging tasks;
  • Official employment in accordance with the laws of Cyprus and the EU, registration of family members;
  • Relocation package (tickets, staying in a hotel for 2 weeks);
  • Company fitness corner in the office for employees;
  • Opportunity to develop language skills and partial compensation for the cost of language classes;
  • Birthday celebration present;
  • Time for proper rest and 24 working days of Annual Vacation;
  • Breakfasts and lunches in the office (partially paid by the company).
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