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TraceAir ищет в команду дизайнера коммуникаций
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TraceAir ищет в команду дизайнера коммуникаций

Откликов 15+
Компания: TraceAir
Тестовое задание: Бесплатно
Кто ищет:Head of Design
Портфолио обязательно: Да
Зарплата: от $2000
Уровень дизайнера: Senior
Who We Are Looking For. Hi, I'm Ivan Prishvin, Head of Design at TraceAir. Where we are building the future of construction automation. I am looking for a strong designer who will be responsible for graphic and communications design within the company.

Что будет делать дизайнер? (обязанности)

You will lead the graphic design in the company, closely collaborating with the marketing team in the US: establishing processes and providing design support. You will communicate directly with stakeholders such as the CEO, Head of Sales, Operations, Customer Success, and product managers.

Responsibilities include:
  • Creating marketing materials: presentations, brochures, social media graphics, landing pages, billboards.
  • Drawing illustrations, icons, pictograms, infographics.
  • Creating simple video clips.
  • Building landing pages (ideally working independently with Webflow).
  • Developing and improving the company’s brand, creating guidelines, and training employees.
  • Working closely with the art director (syncs and reviews with me).
  • Establishing and improving processes with stakeholders.
  • Paying special attention to the company culture, surprising colleagues with stickers, GIFs, merchandise, and other pleasant little things.

Скиллы дизайнера (требования)

  • You have 5+ years of experience, with at least 2+ years in a lead/senior role in communication, branding, or graphic design.
  • You have experience working with Western companies (USA, Canada, Europe, etc.) as a communications or graphic designer.
  • You can absorb and carefully develop an existing style.
  • You work in Figma and Adobe CC and maintain order in your layers.
  • You have excellent knowledge of composition principles, typography, layout, grids, fonts.
  • You can structure and visualize data (infographics, flowcharts, etc.).
  • You can defend your decisions while being able to listen to and incorporate feedback from colleagues and stakeholders.
  • You write and speak fluently in Russian and English. Knowledge of informational style is a plus.
  • You are skilled in self-management and can work remotely with various teams across different time zones. You don’t need supervision to complete tasks on time.
  • You are proactive with strong problem-solving skills. You can independently prioritize tasks, foresee obstacles, and handle them rather than just reacting or waiting.
Nice to have
  • 3D design skills
  • Motion design skills
  • Experience with Webflow
  • You are good at copywriting, can write texts independently
  • Experience in creating and developing a visual language for a modern brand, from style-forming principles to documentation design
  • Conversational Russian language skills


  • We are looking for candidates who live outside of Russia or are open to discuss relocation. This is flexible and individual.
  • B2B contract with your Sole Proprietor in Armenia (or another country).
  • Work with colleagues in European and American time zones.
  • Health insurance, fitness, education, and equipment provided.
  • Unlimited vacations
About TraceAir We help construction companies increase the speed and quality of building processes and provide transparency for owners and investors on everything happening at the construction site.
Currently, we are focused on residential construction in the US, providing services to developers and their construction teams. We are growing rapidly, attracting new clients in the US, and expanding our team. Our primary business geography is the US, where all the teams working with clients are based, while our product team (developers, designers, product managers, and GIS engineers) is located in Armenia and several other European countries.
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